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Substance Painter - Middle Eastern-esque Bookcase

I wanted to really give my best after my whirlwind shot at substance painter. I built an in-game bookcase asset with the primary intent to take a very basic, very boring base mesh and turn it into something better using only texture maps. The result was learning how to create normal maps and AO maps in Substance and building materials in Substance Designer.

Monica bauer bookshelf screens

The beauty shots - the pillar AO was sculpted in Zbrush. After too much Zbrush hassle, I built the patterned face in SP. Originally I had a pattern I liked and turned it into an alpha .

The dust on top of the bookcase is all hand applied as well.

Monica bauer screenshot005

The base mesh of 500 tris - I could go much lower but additional vertices were added to allow the bookshelf to bend in game, allowing to create a flowing walkway.